Volunteers scuba dive during our Shark Conservation Project in Fiji for high school students

Volunteer Shark Conservation in Fiji for Teenagers

Help protect endangered sharks, earn a diving qualification, and make new friends from all over the world


  • In Fiji, you’ll learn from leading shark researchers and other conservation experts working to protect endangered marine species.
  • Help conduct surveys of different species
  • You will gain a sought-after PADI diving certification and build your teamwork skills.


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Is volunteer Shark Conservation in Fiji for high school students right for me?

If you enjoy spending time in the ocean and dream of island living, you’re cut out to be a volunteer on our Shark Conservation High School Special in Fiji. This project is open to adventurous teens from all corners of the globe who are passionate about protecting oceans.

Volunteer shark conservation work in Fiji for high school students will give you loads of opportunities to learn important life skills, like working closely with a team. Talk about your experience in interviews or applications, and show your ability to commit to a good cause. It will give your CV an extra edge.

You don’t require any prior experience or training. During your first week, you’ll earn your PADI Open Water certification. If you already have this, you’ll move on to an Advanced Open Water course. Our diving instructors will be with you throughout training and during each dive to ensure safety.

A group of Projects Abroad volunteers prepare for helping with shark conservation in Fiji for high school students

What will I be doing on the project?

During your first week on the project, you focus on your diving course. By the second week, you’ll be in the water and can start doing research.


Let’s take a look at a few of the specific things you’ll do:


  • Complete your PADI Open Water Diving qualification
  • Conduct survey dives to do important research
  • Help with beach clean-ups and get muddy planting mangroves
  • Expand your horizons by experiencing Fiji and its culture

High school students volunteering with sharks in Fiji will focus on the following areas:


Learn to dive and get a PADI Open Water qualification


The first part of the project will focus entirely on getting you comfortable in the water. Those who have no diving experience will do a PADI Open Water course. If you already have that qualification, you’ll level up to Advanced Open Water.


PADI diving certifications don’t have an expiration date, so this qualification will enable you to explore underwater worlds for many years to come! Once you’ve completed your PADI training, you’ll also take part in a Shark Conservation Diver Course.


Survey dives


You’ll be conducting survey dives in different areas of Beqa Lagoon which will include a shark dive under supervision of qualified Dive Masters. You’ll be collecting important data that will be part of our global shark research.


Shore-based activities


On the tamer side of things, you will help us do beach clean-ups. Local children will join you, making it a great opportunity to talk to them about ocean conservation and share why it’s important.


You will also help plant mangroves. Mangroves provide homes to many species of plants and animals. They also play a protective role for communities and vulnerable coastlines by preventing soil erosion and providing cover from extreme weather. Mangrove reforestation plays an important role in our overall conservation efforts in Fiji.


In 2017, high school volunteers planted approximately 2,500 mangrove propagules in the Projects Abroad nursery!


Experiencing Fiji and its culture


During your two week program, you will also have plenty of opportunities to socialise with your fellow volunteers, make new friends, and experience island life.


Staff members will be present to supervise and guide all these activities to ensure everyone’s safety throughout the programme.  

Who are our partners?

Our partner dive organisation, Beqa Adventure Divers, are at the forefront of shark protection in Fiji.  Their safety record on shark dives is 100%. There have been no shark related accidents or injuries to any divers on their shark dive trips.

We also work closely with the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) who help all our volunteers get their diving qualifications.

Finally, the WWF also supports our work through various research projects. WWF Global Shark Programme Manager, Ian Campbell, has described our Shark Conservation project in Fiji as “the most important shark conservation project in the world.”

Where will I be working in Fiji?

Pacific Harbour

This part of the island is renowned for its 80 km stretch of pure white sand and cobalt oceans. With water-based activities being central to this project, you will have ample opportunity to explore the magnificent natural beauty.

Importantly, you will also be playing an important role in preserving beaches through cleanups and mangrove reforestation.

During your stay, you will be sharing same-sex dormitories with your fellow volunteers.

Ankomst, visum och hämtning

När du anländer till flygplatsen i din valda destination, kommer en av våra Projects Abroad anställda att möta dig och hälsa dig välkommen till landet. Du hittar mer information om ankomstflygplatser, introduktion och visum på vår sida Ankomst till Fiji.

What are the aims and impact of this project?

The main aim of the the Shark Conservation Project in Fiji is to help generate accurate scientific data. This is used to increase shark awareness among the local communities and the general public.

We started our Shark Conservation Project in Fiji in January 2014 in response to the declining shark population in this area. The Fijian government has identified shark protection as a top conservation priority. Although marine protected areas have been set up to address the decline in shark numbers, the population continues to decrease.

We also collaborate with the Mangroves for Fiji initiative to replant seedlings and ensure a healthy and sustainable mangrove forest around Pacific Harbour region.

Mangrove forests are a natural barrier for protecting the coastline against erosion, sea level changes, storm surges and tsunamis. They also support coral reef systems by providing nutrients and serve as a nursery for numerous marine species.

Apart from helping the environment, this project is also a great way for you to expand your horizons and your skill set. You will leave with a better understanding of conservation, insight into a different culture and friends from all over the world.

Interesting facts about conservation volunteering in Fiji with projects abroad

När du anmäler dig betalar du endast 2700 kr, vilket dras av från totalpriset. Avbetalningsmöjligheter finns och vi kan också ge tips på hur du kan samla in pengar

Vill du delta på fler än ett projekt? Ring oss på 0855921116 för att ta reda på om vi kan erbjuda rabatt.

Välj en varaktighet och ett startdatum för att fortsätta


Vi har utarbetat långsiktiga mål för våra projekt och dokumenterat målen i våra projekthandlingsplaner. Våra projekthandlingsplaner används också för att planera ditt arbete. Tack vare våra projekthandlingsplaner kan du vara säker på att du arbetar mot ett långsiktigt mål och vi kan kontinuerligt utvärdera och förbättra vårt arbete. Våra projekthandlingsplaner säkerställer att vi gör en verklig skillnad.

Läs mer om våra projekthandlingsplaner.

Vi mäter resultatet av vårt arbete varje år

Varje år deltar tusentals ungdomsvolontärer på våra projekt runt om i världen. Under deras tid utomlands bidrar de till att göra en långsiktig positiv skillnad i de samhällen där de arbetar. För att visa vilket resultat deras hårda arbete har, sammanställer vi varje år en rapport som heter High School Specials Impact repor.

För mer information om den insats våra ungdomsvolontär gjort under året, läs vår senaste rapport.

Mat och boende

Du kommer dela boende med andra Projects Abroad volontärer och praktikanter under din tid i Pacific Harbour. Det här är ett fantastiskt sätt att lära känna varandra, dela era upplevelser och utforska omgivningarna tillsammans.

Vi försöker alltid placera våra ungdomsvolontärer så att de delar rum med en annan Projects Abroad volontär eller praktikant, av samma ålder och kön. Ditt rum kommer vara enkelt men bekvämt, rent och säkert.

Din projektavgift inkluderar tre måltider om dagen.

Läs mer om våra boenden.

Säkerhet och personalstöd

Din säkerhet är vår första prioritet. Vi har många processer och system på plats för att se till att du som ungdomsvolontär har all extra hjälp och support som du behöver. Vår egen Projects Abroad personal finns alltid med dig och de andra ungdomsvolontärerna, oavsett tid på dygnet eller dag i veckan. De ser till att du trivs i ditt boende och känner dig hemma på din projektplacering. Om du skulle stöta på något problem, finns vår personal alltid där för att hjälpa dig.

Läs mer om support och säkerhet.

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