A student doing a Psychology internship in Jamaica with Projects Abroad talks to an experienced psychologist.

Psychology Internship in Jamaica

Gain psychology work experience at a mental health clinic or during community-based outreach work


  • Work alongside local psychologists to address mental health issues in a mental health clinic or by taking part in community-based initiatives.
  • You’ll encounter a wide range of patient profiles, which exposes you to a broad range of mental health issues.
  • Raise awareness around these issues, so that people are better able to understand the importance of mental health.


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You should be studying towards a psychology or social work degree, or have a qualification in guidance counselling.

Is a Psychology Internship in Jamaica right for me?

Are you a current psychology student, or a recent graduate? Looking to gain psychology work experience in Jamaica? Then this internship is ideal for you. You’ll be able to put your theoretical knowledge into practice while helping people in need of treatment for mental illness.

In order to join this project, you need to be studying social work, psychology or guidance counseling, or have a qualification in one of these fields. You’ll also need to commit to at least four weeks on this project.

Our start and end dates are flexible, however, so you can choose a time that suits you. We encourage you to stay longer so you can do and learn more.

You will work alongside qualified local professionals during your time in Jamaica. Furthermore, you will have a Projects Abroad supervisor who will ensure that you get the most out of your placement. You will receive a thorough induction upon arrival, to ensure you are prepared before you begin working with patients.

Female Childcare and Psychology worker is standing outside the Child Development Agency in Jamaica during an internship placement.

What will I do at my psychology placement in Jamaica?

There are two different options on this internship. Depending on your skills and experience, you can either work in a mental health clinic and hospital, or take part in outreach work in the local community. Tasks will include:

  • Interact with and support patients
  • Observe clinical assessments and play therapy
  • Conduct educational sessions about mental health issues
  • Assist with planning for different events
  • Conduct research and data analysis

Interact with and support patients

Whichever internship option you choose, you’ll get the chance to interact with patients who have a variety of different conditions. At the mental health clinic, you will spend time interviewing patients, engaging children in the reception area, visiting patients in the hospital, and taking part in play therapy. If you choose the community-based option, you’ll take part in supervised home visits, and conduct conducting individual or group counselling sessions.

Observe clinical assessments and play therapy

At the mental health clinic, you will have the chance to observe clinical assessments of patients. This gives you great insight into how psychologists diagnose and treat people with mental illness. You may also have the opportunity to observe play therapy sessions, or take part in them, as mentioned above.

Conduct educational sessions about mental health issues

Raising awareness about mental health is important when it comes to breaking stigmas and helping people to identify signs of mental illness. Those who choose to work in the local community will conduct classroom guidance sessions, as well as parenting workshops, at a local high school. Topics will include self-esteem, anger management, conflict resolution, child abuse, and adjustment issues.

Assist with planning for different events

At the mental health clinic, you may also spend time planning and conducting workshops and presentations. Interns based in the community will also do something similar, assisting with the planning and running of seminars and special events. The overall aim is to educate people about mental illness, from treatment options to prevention.

Conduct research and data analysis

For interns at the mental health clinic, you may find yourself helping with research and data analysis. This research will focus on mental illness in the Jamaican context. You will examine risk factors and the affected or at-risk population, for example. The data will be then used for policy drafts or designing mental health programmes.

Where in Jamaica will I work?


You will be based in the large town of Mandeville, situated around 100 km west of the capital, Kingston. Interns work at a government-run mental health clinic for adults and children. If you choose the community-based option, you’ll spend time at a local high school and a home for the homeless and mentally challenged.

While Mandeville is fairly quiet, it has all the amenities you might need, such as restaurants, banks, and shops. Furthermore, there are many travel opportunities on the island, so you will be able to explore all that it has to offer. These include incredible natural wonders, a lively reggae music scene, and exciting activities such as river rafting.

Ankomst, visum och hämtning

När du anländer till flygplatsen i din valda destination, kommer en av våra Projects Abroad anställda att möta dig och hälsa dig välkommen till landet. Du hittar mer information om ankomstflygplatser, introduktion och visum på vår sida Ankomst till Jamaica.

A typical day on the Psychology Project in Jamaica project

Wake up in the home of your host family, and enjoy a delicious breakfast before you start your working day. You’ll travel to your placement via taxi. On your first day, our staff will travel with you to show you the way.

A typical day on this internship runs from 8.30am - 2.30pm, Monday to Friday. Your daily activities will vary, depending on the placement you choose.

If you have chosen to intern at a mental health clinic, you will you will work directly with young children and adults with various mental health issues. This will take place under the supervision of a qualified psychologist. On any given day, you may find yourself interviewing patients, observing assessments or assisting with research.

For those who have selected the community-based option, you’ll spend much of your time on outreaches. These may involve individual or group counselling, conducting classroom guidance sessions, and supervised home visits. Please note that this option is not available during July and August.

Once you’ve finished work for the day, it’s time to explore your temporary home. You can join in on our weekly activities, which are a great way to have fun, meet your fellow volunteers and learn about aspects of the local culture. You should definitely sample some Jamaican cuisine from one of the local restaurants. Or why not enjoy a home cooked dinner with your host family?

Psychology work experience in Jamaica shows Projects Abroad Childcare volunteer handing out hot drinks to school children during a HIV/Aids awareness presentation.

What are the aims and impact of this project?

There are two main aims to this internship: to provide you with a practical learning experience and to support those with mental illness.

Many of the interns who join us are looking for practical work experience in an international environment. Here at Projects Abroad, we encourage the cross-cultural exchange of knowledge. You will learn from qualified local staff, and gain insight into mental health practice in a different country.

On this internship, you will also work to benefit those in the local community. There is a growing number of people being diagnosed with mental illness, such as depression, schizophrenia, and sleeping disorders. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of stigma surrounding these kinds of conditions.

You will assist the local psychologists with their work, helping with the treatment of patients. It is also important for interns to raise awareness around mental health disorders. This helps to break the stigma, and helps people to identify these conditions for early treatment.

Join us on a Psychology internship in Jamaica, which provides you with practical work experience and benefits the local community.

Projects Abroad Care volunteer speaks to a local man within the Community Outreach Day during Psychology placements in Jamaica.


Vi har utarbetat långsiktiga mål för våra projekt och dokumenterat målen i våra projekthandlingsplaner. Våra projekthandlingsplaner används också för att planera ditt arbete. Tack vare våra projekthandlingsplaner kan du vara säker på att du arbetar mot ett långsiktigt mål och vi kan kontinuerligt utvärdera och förbättra vårt arbete. Våra projekthandlingsplaner säkerställer att vi gör en verklig skillnad.

Läs mer om våra projekthandlingsplaner.

Vi mäter resultatet av vårt arbete varje år

Vi arbetar mot långsiktigt mål med årliga delmål. Varje volontär och praktikant som deltar på ett av våra projekt hjälper oss att nå dessa långsiktiga mål. På så sätt kan även de som volontärarbetar eller praktiserar en kortare tid göra verklig skillnad. Varje person bygger på arbetet som tidigare volontärer och praktikanter gjort. Varje år utvärderar vi resultatet av vårt arbete. Du kan hitta en sammanställning av vad vi uppnått under året i vår Global Impact Report.

För mer information om vilken insats våra volontärer, praktikanter och personal gjort under året, läs vår senaste rapport.

Mat och boende

Du kommer bo hos en värdfamilj i Mandeville. Din värdfamilj kommer välkomna dig som en familjemedlem till deras hem. De kommer lära dig mer om deras traditioner och om den lokala kulturen. Vi tror att det här är det bästa sättet att verkligen lära känna kulturen i ett nytt land. Du kommer få en unik upplevelse av Jamaica.

Vi försöker alltid placera dig så att du bor med en annan Projects Abroad volontär eller praktikant. Ditt rum kommer vara enkelt men bekvämt, rent och säkert.

Din projektavgift inkluderar tre måltider om dagen.

Läs mer om våra boenden.

Fritidsaktiviteter när du är ledig

När man tänker på Karibien är det svårt att inte tänka på Jamaica. Med sina vita sandstränder och färgstarka kultur, har denna önation mycket att erbjuda en besökare. Jamaica är en fantastisk destination att volontärarbeta i och utforska på fritiden.

Missa inte att prova dig fram i den lokala matkulturen, vi rekommenderar utsökta rätter som Jamaican patties och Jerk chicken. Du hittar dessa rätter i någon av restaurangerna kring havet och efter maten kan du ta ett svalkande dopp.

Med sin rika kultur och vänliga lokalbefolkning rekommenderar vi varmt att besöka marknader och museum. Varför inte åka på en weekendresa till Kingston och besöka Bob Marley museet?

När du ändå är i Kingston, passa på att ta en rundtur i Fort Charles och i National Heroes Park. När du deltar på ett av våra projekt kommer du även att lära känna andra Projects Abroad volontärer, så du kan välja mellan att utforska Jamaica tillsammans med andra, eller utforska självständigt.

Säkerhet och personalstöd

Din säkerhet är vår första prioritet. Vi har många processer och system på plats för att se till att du har all hjälp och support som du behöver. För oss är det viktigt att du ska känna dig trygg när du reser med oss. Vår egen Projects Abroad personal finns tillgänglig för hjälp och stöd 24h om dygnet. De kommer se till att du trivs i ditt boende och känner dig hemma på din projektplacering. Om du skulle stöta på något problem, finns vår personal alltid där för att hjälpa dig.

Läs mer om support och säkerhet.

När du anmäler dig betalar du endast 2700 kr, vilket dras av från totalpriset. Avbetalningsmöjligheter finns och vi kan också ge tips på hur du kan samla in pengar

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