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South Africa Volunteers Help Housing Charity

Digging foundations

Last week Projects Abroad volunteers on programmes in Cape Town gave up their weekend to work with the housing charity, Habitat for Humanity. The volunteers spent the weekend helping to build homes in the impoverished townships outside of Cape Town. With shovels and spades, they dug trenches for house foundations, mixed concrete from scratch on the pavement and poured the concrete into the trenches.

As with all Habitat for Humanity programmes the volunteers worked hand in hand with the future home owners and others from the surrounding community. Blisters and sore muscles were worth the smiles and happiness shown by the family with a new space to call home.

Volunteers at Habitat site

Ian Birbeck has just come back from visiting our programmes in South Africa he tells us: 'Cape Town is an amazing city with the magnificent Table Mountain in view wherever you look. It is such a mix of wealth and poverty and our volunteers are doing a great job working within the poor communities. This weekend all the volunteers gave up their free time to work building houses on the Habitat for Humanity project - a great effort from all of them.'

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