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Why not join our Australia programme?

The Opera House, Sydney

We have found that more and more volunteers are taking advantage of their time out to not just travel in the developing world but also to spend some time visiting Australia. We have opportunities for you to get some guaranteed work when you arrive in Sydney. You can combine Australia with any of our other destinations.

As long as you are eligible to get a working holiday visa for Australia we can arrange work for you as well as a bed for the first seven nights down under.

Ayers Rock.

The Australia programme allows you the security of knowing you have a job when you arrive in Australia as well as emergency back up while you are working or travelling. Why not work for a couple of months in Australia before heading up to the Barrier Reef or out to Ayers Rock.

The Earn in Australia programme is one which volunteers can combine with any other destination. Prices start from £495 for a three month stay.

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