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School's Not Out for Kids in Fiji!

Fiji summer schoolIt may be school holidays in Fiji but at one school on the island of Suva, kids just couldn't keep away.

Volunteers on the Teaching programme have just finished organising a week long summer school. Over a hundred pupils from Suva Primary School took part in a series of creative classes that encouraged them to think "outside the box."

On the final day of the week, volunteers showed off many of the new items they had made and were presented with certificates from the Projects Abroad teaching volunteers. Items included friendship bands, pasta necklaces, dream catchers and other pieces of art.

Projects Abroad Fiji Director, Elaine Prescott, said "the holiday programme was a great success and all those involved in the programme learned a lot…since the curriculum is of a rigid structure, at the end of the day we are glad of the achievements."

Ms Prescott also added that the head teacher, Sainiana Hickes, was thankful and recognised the contribution the volunteers had made to the students as their connection to the international world.

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