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Legal Triumph for Projects Abroad Volunteers

Human Rights volunteersProjects Abroad Law & Human Rights volunteers in Ghana have helped secure the release of a Liberian man, falsely accused of defilement. Mr Koplay Pah had been assaulted, held in police custody for several months and provided with no legal representation. Volunteers working at the Projects Abroad Human Rights Office (PAHRO) petitioned the courts and our staff were able to represent him.

The reaction of the Court to Projects Abroad's intervention was phenomenal. The defence team was able to cross-examine witnesses and call upon medical experts. In reading her judgment, the Honourable Judge declared that there was no evidence that the Complainant had been the subject of any form of abuse. Mr Koplay Pah was a free man.

This wonderful story is just one example of the important work being performed by Projects Abroad volunteers on Law & Human Rights projects throughout the developing world. The PAHRO team will now be fighting to secure compensation for Mr Pah, having successfully cleared his name.

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