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Projects Abroad Nepal Fund Medical Camp

Medical camp

Medical volunteers in Nepal were able to attend a gynaecology medical camp for a day on the 16th January. The camp was organised and funded by Projects Abroad in association with Dholahiti Community Health Services Centre and was located 45 minutes from Kathmandu in a small village near Patan.

The day offered a great learning experience for the five medical volunteers who took part. In addition the four Nepalese doctors saw 150 patients that day.

Sarah Middleton, one of the volunteers who took part said:

'It was a very interesting day and I learnt a lot. It was great how the doctors were able to see so many patients and also teach us at the same time. It made me appreciate how doctors in Nepal need to make quick decisions and do as much as possible with limited resources. There were also a number of different pathologies which was great for us to be able to see. As medical students we were also able to participate in the examinations which made it even more worthwhile for us. It was a really good day and I was pleased to see Projects Abroad supporting such an important cause. Thanks!'

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