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Volunteers help out at a Medical Camp in Tamil Nadu, India

The official opening of the medical camp

10 doctors and 15 volunteers worked together to treat over 1000 patients on Sunday, June 11th at a Projects Abroad medical camp in Rayagiri.

Volunteers went around small towns in rickshaws, handing out leaflets and talking to local people for several days before the actual camp to advertise the free medical camp.

Rounds of applause for the volunteers


The first patients lined up before the opening time of 9 am and the last patients were seen at 2 pm. The patients were first questioned about their ailment and weighed by volunteers. Following this, they were led into the hall where they were seen by 10 doctors who donated their time at no cost.


Giving out drugs at the pharmacy


Finally, the volunteers escorted to the pharmacy where volunteers and local staff gave out free drugs.

The medical camp was organised by Projects Abroad and its sister organisation in India, Project India.

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