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Equine Placements in Mongolia

If you have a passion for animals - particularly horses, you are sure to be interested in our new Equine & Veterinary project available in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. These placements are particularly great for students interested in veterinary medicine and equine studies. Horse racing is a passion for any Mongolian, especially at the famous, annual Naadam Festival. Big money is paid for the best horses!

Horse Racing in Mongolia

Volunteers can work alongside local vets caring for these majestic animals. Veterinary medicine in Ulaanbataar is somewhat different to that practised in the West. Facilities are basic and often short staffed, so your help will be appreciated.

At the weekend you may want to go horse riding into the wilderness and stay in a traditional nomad tent or "ger". Another option may be to learn to ride on a camel!

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