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Roll: Rekryterings teamet är ansvariga för att berätta om våra projekt! De har också en viktig roll i att hjälpa volontärer hitta rätt plats. De är alltid tillgängliga på telefon.


Rekryterare utomlands

Vi har också personal som hjälper oss rekrytera volontärer från hela världen.

Will Pashley - in Australia Will Pashley
in Australia

Will first joined as a volunteer teacher in Moldova in 1992. Since that eye opening experience he has gone through a variety of jobs and travels and now runs the Australia office from Adelaide. He is a regular sportsman who is frequently found with a cricket bat in his hand.

Claartje van Wayenburg - in Holland Claartje van Wayenburg
in Holland

Claartje coordinates out recruitment in the Netherlands. She has joined Projects Abroad in 2008. She has worked for our office in Cape Town, volunteered with us in Thailand and has recently visited our projects in Ghana, Cambodia and Fiji. She studied Leisure Management and enjoys scuba diving and travelling.

Ashish John - in India Ashish John
in India

Ashish has been working with Projects Abroad since January 2009. After working for operations in Nepal and India, Ashish has joined Recruitment Team in India in 2013. He believes that Indian students should get a chance to explore the world. He is a cricket player and is often seen with a bat during his free time.

John Cullen - in Ireland John Cullen
in Ireland

John has a degree in English and Philosophy from NUI Galway as well as a Masters degree in Marketing. He joined Projects Abroad as a Disaster Relief Coordinator in Nepal in 2015 and is delighted to take on his new role as Recruitment Director for Ireland.

Simona Eco - in Italy Simona Eco
in Italy

Simona has volunteering and working experience in different countries of Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe. She is now back in Italy where she coordinates with Serena our new recruitment office, opened on August 2007 in the beautiful city of Naples.

Lukasz Lach - in Poland Lukasz Lach
in Poland

Lukasz has been working for Projects Abroad in Poland since October 2011. He is an enthusiast of the Faroe Islands and in his spare time he enjoys running a website about these islands.

Tom Pastorius - Head of Global Recruitment Tom Pastorius
Head of Global Recruitment

Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Education: B.A. in Philosophy, Princeton University, M.S. in Business in Administration, New York University
Favorite travel experience: Crossing a glacier in Patagonia
Projects Abroad countries visited: Argentina, Bolivia, Botswana, Cambodia, China, India, Italy, Jamaica, Ghana, Mexico, Mongolia, Nepal, Peru, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Vietnam

Lars Lindberg - in Sweden Lars Lindberg
in Sweden

Lars manages the Swedish recruitment office since 2012. He has a long background in international exchange programmes and enjoys visiting new countries.

Lars has visited Ghana, Peru, Romania, South Africa, Tanzania and Togo during his time with Projects Abroad.

Shigeki Nakamura - Japanese Country Director Shigeki Nakamura
Japanese Country Director

Shigeki joined Projects Abroad in 2017 as the Country Director for Japan. His love of travel began when he first visited Hawaii with his family at the age of nine, and he later decided to study Development Studies at the University of Leeds in England. He enjoys exploring historical places such as Angkor Wat in Siem Reap and Petra in Jordan, and he hopes to add Samarkand in Uzbekistan to his expanding list. If he had the chance, Shigeki would hop on a plane and join the volunteers and team on the Building Project in Tanzania.

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