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Marine Conservation in Cambodia November – December 2016 Report

Volunteers remove discarded fishing nets (3)


During our surveys, we spotted seven seahorses; one being a pregnant (male) Hippocampus mohnikei. This species is very reclusive, making this our fifth “Japanese” Seahorse sighting in two years. Very little is known globally about this species of seahorse but we are very happy to have a breeding population in the archipelago (see photo below).


Seahorses are amazing at camouflage and blending in with their surroundings; they do this to avoid predation. Can you find this cryptic creature in the photo below?

Measuring seahorses in Cambodia

Marine and Coastal Pollution

Dive Against Debris (DAD):

Nov - Dec 2016
Weight Collected 115.9
Person Minutes Total 2347
Dives Conducted 11
Site Totals (Kg):
Koh Chan 2.5
Koh Kmauk 7.1
Koh Sdach 0
Koh Smach 72.8
Koh Toteong 0
Turtle Island 10.7
Koh Ampel 15.3

Volunteers and staff spent over a day and half (39hrs) in underwater time, removing discarded fishing nets from the local reefs and saved five crabs from entanglement (see images above).

Coastal Clean-ups:

Nov - Dec 2016 Trash Recyclable
Weight 182.6 135.05
Person Minutes Total 3400.0 -
Percentage Recyclable 42.5 -
Clean-Ups: 8 -
Site Totals (Kg):
Koh Ampel 0.0 0
Koh Kmauk 0.0 0
Koh Sdach 118.7 39.25
Koh Smach 0.0 0
Koh Toteong 30.0 9.6
Mainland 33.9 86.2

During the months of November and December 2016, we collected more recyclable products (134.05 kg) than the whole year of 2015 (119.70 kg). (See graph below)


Marine Biology

Species List:

Thanks to our intern Flavia Hodel, our fish species list is almost complete. Flavia spent seven weeks on the island compiling a document with over 150 fish species. Thank you Flavia; your enthusiasm, hard work and dedication has helped the project and the staff immensely. You’ll be sorely missed.

Neptune Cup Sponge:

Neptune Cup Sponge used to be found all across the tropical seas; unfortunately the species was over-harvested to almost extinction. Koh Sdach Archipelago is one of the few places where you can see these massive sponges! These sponges were used as children’s bathtubs and seeing them underwater; over one meter in height and ½ a meter in width; you can understand why! (See photo)

Community Involvement

Building a recycling station

Recycle Station:

At a local school, the staff and volunteers have been building a recycling station for the school’s recyclable products (aluminum cans, plastic bottles and containers). This building will also help to educate the kids on proper trash disposal and the benefits (both economic and environmental) of recycling. Proceeds generated from the recyclable will go directly back to the school (see photos below).

Mangrove Conservation:

The project went to Prey Nob to learn about mangrove restoration and conservation. The Mangrove reserve has 216 hectares and has reclaimed 15 hectares in five years. The Marine Conservation Project volunteers and staff were able to plant 300 red mangrove propagules, to help out their conservation effort.

Mangrove restoration site

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