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Building in South Africa: Project Reports

Projektöverblick Project Reports

Project Reports

Building report – 2014

We had recently been awarded a Gold Star award from the mayor Patricia De Lille, City of Cape Town. This together with the site being declared a ‘World Design Capital 2014’ site has given us more opportunities to steer ahead with our proposed plans for a garden diversity/nutritional project and a sport project.

Building report – 2013

This year our achievements went from strength to strength. We raised the building of Phase 3 (multi-purpose building for skills, computer and literacy centre) to roof level, foundation walls to re-enforce our pavement and courtyards were constructed using many filled sandbags, cement and concrete to make the area look beautiful and attractive.

Building report – 2012

This year we seen a culmination of beautiful events: volunteers cooked food and distributed at our first Christmas bash sponsored by Projects Abroad; our volunteers served porridge on the first day that Pollsmoore Prison committed to start sponsoring porridge for the community children.

Building report – 2011

International students from Holland were sent by the government to research and assist in finding ways to introduce sustainable projects in townships in South Africa. They were very impressed by the eco-sandbag and eco-timber beam construction method of building.

South Africa Building Management Plan

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