Golden Buddhas in the Colombo city centre, Sri Lanka.

Wellness and Traditional Healing in Sri Lanka

Immerse yourself in Sri Lanka culture while experiencing traditional Ayurveda healing


On our Authentic Adventure in Sri Lanka, take a break from the modern world, and let yourself be charmed by an island paradise. This two-week cultural immersion trip gives you the chance to explore Sri Lanka - and yourself! - and includes a focus on ancient health and wellness techniques. 

Your first week is centred around cultural immersion travel, beginning with a tour of Colombo. From there, you’ll take cooking classes, visit a spice garden, and go tea tasting. You’ll also spend a day giving back through volunteer work, and then relax with a day at the beach and a tuk-tuk safari. 

In your second week, you’ll take a step back into yourself and focus on inner exploration and relaxation. We’ll teach you various yoga and meditation techniques, which can help you de-stress and increase your flexibility. You can seek ancient Ayurvedic treatment or simply use the pool, go for walks in the village, or pick fruit. It’s all about discovering what gives you inner peace!


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What are the highlights of my Wellness and Traditional Healing Trip in Sri Lanka?

We’ve planned numerous activities to ensure you get the most out of your trip. Here are the highlights of our Wellness and Traditional Healing Trip in Sri Lanka:

  • Explore popular tourist attractions in Colombo and Kandy
  • Spend a week practising Ayurvedic therapy, meditation and yoga
  • Contribute to the community through a day of volunteer work
  • Learn how to make traditional Sri Lankan food
  • Go on a tuk-tuk safari through a national park in Colombo
  • Spend the day soaking up the sun on Down South Beach

Is this trip to Sri Lanka right for me?

This trip is a great fit for anyone with adventure in their heart. It’s the perfect blend of adventure travel experiences; bringing together cultural exploration, self-reflection, and relaxation. 

This trip is open to all travellers over the age of 18, whether you’re a student eager to immerse themselves in a different culture, or a professional in need of a de-stress and re-energise trip. 

You’ll be staying in shared accommodation during the duration of your trip. Use this opportunity to get to know the other members of your group. You might even leave having gained lifelong friends and memories you’ll never forget.

Day 1 – Arrival in Colombo

Our staff will be waiting to collect you the moment you arrive at the airport. They’ll take you straight to your accommodations where you’ll get to relax, freshen up and meet the rest of your group. If you arrive early enough, you and a few others can go out and explore a little bit of the surrounding area and beaches.

Day 2 – Cultural induction, city tour, buffet lunch and safari

You’ll wake up to a light breakfast before getting stuck in with your country and cultural induction. Our staff will talk you through cultural etiquette and go through your itinerary so that you know what to expect. This talk will be followed by a short tour around Colombo, the country’s capital city. You’ll be shown important landmarks and how to get to the beaches if you ever have some free time.

After a long morning of information and questions, you’ll be treated to a buffet lunch. This is a great way to sample the delicious island food before you head off on a safari. Jump into a Jeep and explore the surroundings in one of Colombo's national parks. You’ll be amazed at the weird and wonderful wildlife you see during your trip.

Day 3 – Cooking lesson and street food tour

We hope your bellies are ready for more incredible food! Sri Lankans love feeding their guests, so today is all about food. In the morning, you’ll get involved in a Sri Lankan cooking lesson. You’ll go shopping for fresh ingredients at the markets and prepare some of the best Sri Lankan dishes around. 

After lunch, you’ll get to rest your full bellies before heading off on a street food tour in the evening. This is the perfect way to compare the food you made to the dishes prepared fresh by the locals themselves.

Day 4 – Spice garden tour and tea tasting

Your senses are in for another treat as you start the day with a tour around a spice garden. You’ll learn all about the famous spices that come from Sri Lanka and how they’re made.

After a morning of spice and everything nice, you’ll finish your day with a relaxing tea tasting. You’ll soon realise why Sri Lanka is the world’s fourth-largest producer of tea.

Day 5 – Community work in Colombo

A large part of your trip includes getting to know the locals. To get more actively involved, you’ll assist with improvement work in a local community. You’ll assist with light renovation work in a daycare centre or school, spend time with the elderly at a home or help with the planting of trees in the community. Whatever activity you get involved in, use the opportunity to interact with the locals. Ask them questions and share stories about your background. They’re just as interested in you as you are in them.

Day 6 – Down South Beach and tuk-tuk safari

After a long day of hard work, it’s time for some fun and sun. You and your group will head down to the beach where you’ll relax on the sand and enjoy the warm waters. 

Later in the afternoon, you’ll head out on a tuk-tuk safari in one of the many nature reserves. Keep an eye out for rare and wonderful plants and wildlife.

Day 7-8 – Trip to Kandy

Wake up early as you journey to the popular tourist city of Kandy. You’ll spend the next two days enjoying the delights found in this tourist city, from the street food and nature to the shopping options and famous monuments.

You’ll stop off at the botanical gardens with the magnificent display of indigenous plants and flowers. This is a nature lover's paradise and the perfect way to unwind in the midst of Mother Nature.

Don’t forget a trip to the Temple of the Sacred Tooth. It houses Sri Lanka’s most important Buddhist relic – a tooth of the Buddha. During puja (offerings or prayers), the heavily guarded room housing the tooth is open to devotees and tourists. You can’t say this is something the regular tourist would get to see!

Day 9-12 – Yoga, meditation and wellness activities

Today marks the start of your wellness week so get ready for peace and relaxation at an Ayurvedic spa. The ancient healing traditions of the east will soothe your body, mind and soul. You’ll be able to seek Ayurvedic consultations and treatments and combine them with yoga and meditation techniques to completely annihilate stress. There are many things to do on the plantation between Ayurvedic massages and peaceful guided meditations, including: 

  • Swim in the pool
  • Walks in the village, on the plantation or in the paddy fields
  • Sunbathing and reading
  • Vegetable or fruit picking
  • Cooking lessons
  • and much more

By the end of the week, stress will be a memory and you’ll learn how to incorporate healthy Ayurvedic practices and habits into your daily life.

Day 13 – Final shopping and farewell dinner

Once you’re relaxed, use this day to do some final souvenir shopping or exploration of the city. Go with other members of your group as you recap memories and stories of your trip. You might even want to swap contact information if you want to keep in touch!

Day 14 – Departure from Colombo

You’ll wake up and pack your bags after a long and relaxing trip in Sri Lanka. This incredible experience will leave you wanting more but it will also inspire you to continue daily relaxation techniques to keep the stress at bay when you're home.

Mat och boende

Du kommer bo hos en av våra värdfamiljer i Colombo. Din värdfamilj kommer varmt välkomna dig till deras hem, berätta om lokala traditioner och kulturen och fråga dig om kulturen hemma. Vi tycker det här är det bästa sättet att snabbt känna sig hemma i ett nytt land och en ny kultur.

Du kommer också dela boende med andra Projects Abroad resenärer under din tid på den Ayurvediska spaanläggningen. Vilket är det perfekta sättet att lära känna de andra resenärerna, dela upplevelser och utforska omgivningarna tillsammans.

Ditt boende kommer vara rent, säkert och bekvämt. I priset ingår tre måltider om dagen.

Läs mer om våra boenden.

Säkerhet och personalstöd

Din säkerhet är vår första prioritet. Vi har många processer och system på plats för att se till att du har all hjälp och support som du behöver. För oss är det viktigt att du ska känna dig trygg när du reser med oss. Vår egen Projects Abroad personal finns tillgänglig för hjälp och stöd 24h om dygnet. De kommer se till att du trivs i ditt boende och känner dig hemma på din projektplacering. Om du skulle stöta på något problem, finns vår personal alltid där för att hjälpa dig.

Läs mer om support och säkerhet.

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