Projects Abroad volunteers planting seedlings during Conservation volunteering in Costa Rica for teenagers.

Conservation Volunteering in Costa Rica for Teenagers

Team up with high school students from around the world to protect the majestic wildlife of Costa Rica


  • Through wildlife surveys, you’ll collect data on indigenous species which helps the reserve develop effective conservation strategies.
  • Survey bats in the depths of the caves, accompanied and supported by experienced professionals.
  • You’ll be based in Barra Honda National Park, a government-run wildlife reserve made up of lush forests and deep cave networks.


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Det här är ett projekt för dig som är 15-18 år

Is Conservation volunteering in Costa Rica for teenagers right for me?

This project is ideal for adventurous teens who are passionate about protecting our planet. If you’re looking to pursue a career in environmental studies, zoology, or botany, this is for you! You’ll gain practical experience working on conservation initiatives in the heart of the tropical dry forest.

Thrill-seekers and nature lovers are welcome! You’ll trek through the forest and explore caves, so be prepared for a step out of your comfort zone and into something extraordinary. This is a completely safe and secure way to experience this breathtaking ecosystem.

You don’t need any skills or qualifications to join. You just need to be physically fit and willing to skip some of your home comforts, like regular Wi-Fi access and hot showers. But you’ll find that in the heat of the forest, a cool, refreshing shower will be exactly what you need at the end of the day.

Travelling abroad for the first time? This project is ideal if you’re looking for a bit of extra support while you’re abroad. Our hassle-free approach means our staff will be on-hand 24/7 to guide you.

Conservation volunteering in Costa Rica for teenagers is available for two over your summer holiday. This project has fixed dates and an set itinerary, filled with plenty of exciting activities to keep you busy.

A group photo during Conservation volunteering in Costa Rica for teenagers.

What will I do on this volunteer Conservation placement in Costa Rica?

You’ll spend your days working with other teens to protect the wildlife of Barra Honda National Park. Here are some of the tasks you’ll do:

  • Collect data on wildlife to help create effective conservation plans
  • Run workshops and presentations to teach people about the environment
  • Do community work and maintenance work to keep the park running
  • Plant trees to help combat habitat destruction and climate change
  • Explore the beautiful reserve and bond with your fellow volunteers

Your work will focus on five main areas:

Collect data on wildlife

One of your main tasks will be to collect valuable data on different species. You’ll do this during hikes through the forest, night walks, and trips into the park’s caves. You’ll also help with setting up butterfly traps, which safely catch butterflies so that you can record details about them. Once, you’ve collected this data, you’ll release them unharmed.

The data you collect will tell us more about the behaviour and distribution of species. With these information, we can create and implement more effective conservation strategies.

Some of the species you’ll survey include:

  • Bats
  • Scarlet macaws
  • Monkeys
  • Butterflies

Raise conservation awareness

During your trip, you’ll be learning a lot about Costa Rica’s unique plants and animals. Experts will also equip you with details about conservation strategies. You’ll then share this information with locals in the communities surrounding the reserve.

You’ll take trips to schools or community centres, where you’ll give presentations on topics like organic farming or recycling. This work ensures surrounding communities are invested in protecting the forest. It also means they’ll carry on important conservation work after you’ve finished your project.

Do community and maintenance work

Get your hands dirty and use your energy to make a tangible difference! During your project, you’ll dedicate some of your time to community initiatives. This could include planting vegetable gardens or painting environmental education murals at schools.

You’ll also help with park maintenance. Barra Honda relies heavily on volunteers to keep up it’s amazing work. You’ll play a vital role in maintaining the park by clearing trails, maintaining fire breaks, and renovating the camp.

Help with reforestation work

The tropical dry forest is threatened by deforestation. Cutting down trees and clearing land for farmland and urban expansion leaves many creatures without homes. You can make a difference by helping with reforestation initiatives.

As a volunteer, you’ll tend to young saplings in the tree nursery. You’ll also help with planting the larger saplings in the forest. This initiative helps rebuild this vital habitat.

Reforestation also helps combat climate change. More trees means more carbon dioxide absorbed, which helps reduce the catastrophic environmental consequences of this greenhouse gas.

Explore the surrounding nature

It’s not all work and no play! You’ll also have plenty of time to explore the park and connect with your fellow volunteers. This project has a set itinerary, with time set aside for social activities. This includes meals shared with your group, late night cards and board games, and even a trip to Rincon de la Vieja Volcano!

Project Partners

For this project, we’ve partnered with Barra Honda National Park. This is a government-run wildlife reserve in desperate need of volunteer support. We provide the park with the manpower to do important conservation work. In exchange, our volunteers work with and learn from some of the top minds in environmental studies.

Where in Costa Rica will I work?

Barra Honda

Our volunteer Conservation placement in Costa Rica for teenagers is based in Barra Honda National Park. This is a government-run wildlife reserve located in the northwest of the country. The nearest town, Nicoya, is about a 25-minute drive from the reserve.

During your project, you’ll live and work within the reserve. This area is a lush tropical dry forest with an intricate network of underground caves. You’ll stay in shared, same-sex dormitories with volunteers your age.

You’ll find living in the forest is unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Surrounded by the sounds of chattering monkeys, chirping birds, and buzzing insects, you’ll get to truly connect with nature.

Ankomst, visum och hämtning

När du anländer till flygplatsen i din valda destination, kommer en av våra Projects Abroad anställda att möta dig och hälsa dig välkommen till landet. Du hittar mer information om ankomstflygplatser, introduktion och visum på vår sida Ankomst till Costa Rica.

What are the aims and impact of Conservation volunteering in Costa Rica?

The main aim of this project is to support the staff of Barra Honda National Park in their vital conservation work. In the process, you’ll also gain valuable skills and practical experience.

Costa Rica is home to 5% of the world’s biodiversity. So even though it’s a small country, it has plenty of indigenous wildlife. However, this wildlife is threatened by deforestation and climate change. That’s why it’s vital to understand how best to conserve local plants and animals, while also taking steps to ensure humans in surrounding areas work to protect the forest.

On this project, you’ll play an important role in making this happen. Your work will help us in striving towards long-term, sustainable goals to protect the tropical dry forest ecosystem.

Join us in Costa Rica and contribute to vital conservation work.

Interesting facts about conservation volunteering in Costa Rica with projects abroad


Vi har utarbetat långsiktiga mål för våra projekt och dokumenterat målen i våra projekthandlingsplaner. Våra projekthandlingsplaner används också för att planera ditt arbete. Tack vare våra projekthandlingsplaner kan du vara säker på att du arbetar mot ett långsiktigt mål och vi kan kontinuerligt utvärdera och förbättra vårt arbete. Våra projekthandlingsplaner säkerställer att vi gör en verklig skillnad.

Läs mer om våra projekthandlingsplaner.

Vi mäter resultatet av vårt arbete varje år

Varje år deltar tusentals ungdomsvolontärer på våra projekt runt om i världen. Under deras tid utomlands bidrar de till att göra en långsiktig positiv skillnad i de samhällen där de arbetar. För att visa vilket resultat deras hårda arbete har, sammanställer vi varje år en rapport som heter High School Specials Impact repor.

För mer information om den insats våra ungdomsvolontär gjort under året, läs vår senaste rapport.

Mat och boende

Du kommer dela boende med andra Projects Abroad volontärer under din tid i Barra Honda nationalpark. Det här är ett fantastiskt sätt att lära känna varandra, dela era upplevelser och utforska omgivningarna tillsammans.

Vi försöker alltid placera våra ungdomsvolontärer så att de delar rum med en annan Projects Abroad volontär eller praktikant, av samma ålder och kön. Ditt rum kommer vara enkelt men bekvämt, rent och säkert.

Din projektavgift inkluderar tre måltider om dagen.

Läs mer här om boenden på projekten.

Säkerhet och personalstöd

Din säkerhet är vår första prioritet. Vi har många processer och system på plats för att se till att du har all hjälp och support som du behöver. För oss är det viktigt att du ska känna dig trygg när du reser med oss. Vår egen Projects Abroad personal finns tillgänglig för hjälp och stöd 24h om dygnet. De kommer se till att du trivs i ditt boende och känner dig hemma på din projektplacering. Om du skulle stöta på något problem, finns vår personal alltid där för att hjälpa dig.

Läs mer om support och säkerhet.

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